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© Joshua Irwandi, www.joshuairwandi.com

Storytellers: Not a Blank Canvas

April 13, 2015 - Joshua Irwandi Paints a Complex Picture of the People and Culture of Asmat

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© Jay Maisel

Its A Living: King of the Castle

April 10, 2015 - Jay Maisel Weighs In on How to Make a Photographic Life

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© Kristine Bosworth

Step X Step: Nikon Pros Offer Practical Advice from the Field

April 08, 2015 - Last fall, an exclusive panel discussion with Nikon Ambassadors Dixie Dixon and Lucas Gilman and Nikon photographer Steve Simon had New York’s Jacob Javits Center abuzz with creative inspiration and business advice. These three diverse photographers shared candid opinions and expert guidance on what students need to know to jump-start their photo-industry career. After this free, Nikon-sponsored event, attendees gathered at the stage for one-on-one discussions with the speakers and networked over a catered reception while viewing a curated slideshow of the panelists’ favorite images. Those in attendance walked away fired up to put the combined advice into practice in their own growing careers.
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© Steven St. John

Star Teacher: The Empowering Wisdom of Mary Virginia Swanson

April 06, 2015 -  Advocating with Inspiration: The Empowering Wisdom of Mary Virginia Swanson More »

© Mohammad Husien

Project X: Start Local, Go Global

April 06, 2015 - An International Community Emerges from the Universal Theme of Family  More »

© Dorothea Lange, 1936

Out of the Past: Dorothea Lange

April 03, 2015 - Dorothea Lange


Seen and Unseen

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© Ron Magill

Eyes on Nature: Ron Magill Uses Nikon Gear to Preserve the Natural World

March 31, 2015 -  Eyes on Nature: Ron Magill Uses Nikon Gear to Preserve the Natural World More »

Headshot © David Lindner

Is It Legal? Privacy Rights When Photographing Subjects Without Their Consent

March 25, 2015 - Q: I photograph city dwellers from the windows of neighboring apartments. Many of these pictures are published on my Web site and have been exhibited in a photo gallery. A family pictured in my images saw this show and is threatening to sue me. What legal rights do I have to display and sell these prints? More »

© Tori Sutton

Photo Gigs: Adam Dixon

March 20, 2015 -  Q&A with Adam Dixon developer of Cage Manager software for the Appalachian State University (ASU) technology department, Boone, North Carolina


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© Kristina Varaksina

Business Smarts: Working the Crowd

March 16, 2015 -  Dos and Don’ts for Presenting at a Portfolio Walk

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© Chris Janjic

Inside Selection: Chris Janjic, Arianna / Medicinal

March 14, 2015 -  Chris Janjic, a 2014 graduate of Syracuse University, talks about his photo projects, his college coursework and his current job assisting renowned photographer and fellow Syracuse alumnus Stephen Wilkes. More »


Is It Legal? Ownership Issues and Collaboration Agreements in Team Media and Video Projects

October 30, 2014 - Q: I collaborated with friends on some videos for a band on spec. The band just signed with an agent who wants to use our work to promote an upcoming tour. We shot these videos to build a reel for our own services and covered all expenses ourselves. We don’t have anything in writing with the band or their backers. How can we recoup our expenses, protect our content and not get burned on this project?”
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© Maddie Meyer /Getty Images

Storytellers: Up Next - Sports Photographer Maddie Meyer Prepares to Take the Lead

April 18, 2014 - One might train as an athlete a lot like Maddie Meyer has been training as a sports photographer: at the heart of both are hours and hours of tried-and-true practice, fueled by a fierce love for the game. Smartly, ever since beginning her studies in Ohio University’s visual communications program toward a bachelor of science in photojournalism, Meyer has also been cross-training by diligently pursuing photojournalism internships and attending workshops, including the acclaimed Eddie Adams Workshop in October 2013. More »

© Erika Gatz

Special Report: Total Immersion - Intensive Workshop Programs That Take Learning Photography and Media to New Heights

April 14, 2014 - Learning by doing often trumps classroom study and bookish pursuits as a worthy educational approach. Add top-notch instructors, an inspiring setting, an open-ended schedule and easy access to materials to the mix, and you have all the elements provided by the schools featured here. What’s more, these laboratories of learning are readily accessible to a wide range of pupils, from current students and recent grads to career changers and avocational enthusiasts. In “Total Immersion,” we investigate three distinctive communities in which to study photography, new media, career training and/or craftsmanship—each one offering students an intensity of purpose and incisive vision that regular academic programs can lack. More »

Group portrait courtesy of Anthony Aquino

Project X: Help Portrait

April 04, 2014 - High School Photo Students Inspired to Give, Rather than Take, Portraits
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