New Books Offer Workshops With Famous Photographers For Just $30

By Conor Risch

© larry fink/courTesy aperTure
“Little Brown Jug,” California, August 1997 from Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation, one of the first books from Aperture’s The Photography Workshop Series.

What if we said you could take a workshop with Todd Hido, Mary Ellen Mark, Dawoud Bey or Rinko Kawauchi for just $30? Sounds pretty good, right? This summer Aperture is launching The Photography Workshop Series, which aims to present a close approximation of the workshop experience in a handy, portable, nicely designed and inexpensive softcover book.

The first two books in the series are Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation, and Alex Webb and rebecca norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image. (Books from the photographers mentioned above will follow in the future.) Fink’s book includes chapters such as “Breaking the Frame,” “Looking for Yourself Within the Subject” and “Emotional Composition,” which rely on his images to illustrate concepts. In their book, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb present stories behind their images to illustrate ideas about street photography, which Alex Webb defines as not literally photographing in the streets, but as “a photographer’s particular stance or attitude towards the world: a kind of open- ended exploration with an emphasis on discovery.” Their book also discusses a wide range of images from other photographers and artists, from Eugene Meatyard to Eugene Richards and Goya.

The books investigate topics succinctly; the authors often take less than a few paragraphs to explain a point or concept, and rarely does a particular lesson run longer than a page or two. These highly readable and digestible books will get any photographer thinking and seeing in new ways.

The Photography Workshop Series: 

Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation 
Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image 

128 pages; 60 images
$29.95 each

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