NYThroughTheLens: My Favorite Streets

Vivienne Gucwa

Pedestrian Bridge, Staples Street, NYC


I have favorite streets. They haunt me in all the best ways. They represent the New York City in my mind. Everyone seems to have a different version of New York City in their mind. My version was formed early on, a result of falling in love with streetscapes in classic cinema, futuristic city environments in literature and film, and years of traversing New York City on foot.

These streets tug at memories I haven’t made yet while yanking memories I treasure from the recesses of my mind. This is one of those streets. It’s Staple Street in Tribeca. Tiny and alley-like, it contains one of the most fascinating pedestrian bridges I have ever seen in New York City.

The beauty of photography is in its ability to capture these emotions and influences that inform our perception of what surrounds us.

Camera: Sony A55
Lens: 18-55mm

Check out more of Vivienne's work at her blog, NYThroughTheLens.



©Claire Rosen
PDN 2015 Photo Annual Competition



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